How My Knowledge of Archetypes Made Me One of Australia’s Most Successful Coaches, Trainers and Pioneers From the Very First Months to Now 14 Years Later!


Hi! It’s Pip McKay here the creator of Matrix Therapies and Archetypal Coaching.

And I am so excited to be able to welcome you to the New Movement in Coaching and Personal Development, Archetype Academy.

If you are a coach, trainer or business person or simply interested in the best and most profound in Personal Development then you have found the right place.

I have been one of Australia’s leading coaches and personal development trainers for the last 14 years and this has allowed me to help literally 1000 of people clear blocks from the past and fulfill their potential for success.

I have also had the privilege to train some of Australia’s leading coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs.

Pip McKay, Archetype Academy

Archetypes speak to the deepest part of the unconscious mind, unlocking hidden resources and clearing blocks on a level you have never experienced before.

In fact it was because of my deep knowledge of Archetypes that I was able to become a successful coach and trainer right from the very beginning.

I don’t know if you have had this experience but when I first started out in business, I had business mentors trying to mould me into something I was not in order to be successful. And that just didn’t sit right with me.

So what is the key to being yourself and being Successful? Knowing your true Identity and Archetypes are the key to unlock that door . . .

I was able to use Archetypes to tap into my personal identity and authentic style and became successful from my very first client because the results spoke for themselves.

With Archetypes I was able to be free to be me and keep my creativity, integrity and lifestyle in tact.

Archetypes also gave me a unique point of difference and an authentic, imaginative way to brand myself.

I was also able to see into the core of people’s problems on a level they had never experienced before and assist them to really find their passion and purpose.

People would then approach me and ask: “Pip, how do you get those result with clients? How do you know so much about people and their behaviors?

I knew that my secret was the unique knowledge I had about Archetypes that just wasn’t publicly available through books or other courses.

You see the things is, I learn Archetypes in a 20 year one-on-one apprenticeship. And the knowledge I gained was unique and different from anything else out there. In fact at that time was secret.

But times have changed and now there is a real public yearning for a more profound level of personal development and clearing and people simply don’t have 20 years to devote to it,

Pip McKay, The New Movement in Coaching

So I have spent the last 14 years developing techniques and weekend programs that combine the best of my experiences as a Coach, my 20 year knowledge of Archetypes and my 25 years as a trainer and curriculum developer together to bring you a unique set of tools that will blow your mind and give you extraordinary results.

If you have come across Archetypes before you will find here a new depth as well as clear practical applications that has not been revealed before.

If you are new to Archetypes then you will get the real deal giving you a leading edge in all your interactions with people, branding and leadership and the ability to bring your unique point of difference to the world.

So please introduce yourself by filling in your details in the box provided and you’ll get all the information you need to start discovering your Archetypal Identity and bring more passion and purpose into your life.

All the very best,

Pip McKay

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